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Saturday, January 11, 2003


As it's been covered a lot all over blogdom already, I won't get into Safari too much here. I grabbed it and installed on the Mac at work. It's fast. It's still beta. It rendered my pages nicely. I don't care really that they didn't choose Gecko, in fact I'm sort of happy they put another brrowser out there to press the compatibility and standards angle.

We used to code for Netscape and IE. Then it became IE and maybe make it work with IE. Had Apple chosen Gecko, we might have been back to "Gecko and IE" but Safari gives me some hope that we'll see folks coding to the standards (assuming standards support is cleaned up on Safari) and then hacking to make it work with IE. Now we've got a "Linux browser" on a new OS (Safari is built around KHTML, which is part of Konqueror, which is part of KDE.

Probably the best place to keep abreast of the news & reactions is at David Hyatt's blog - he's a Mozilla member who has been working for Apple for quite some time on Safari (thus the hopes/rumors/expecctations that safari would be built around Gecko).


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