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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Health insurance needs attention STAT

Found out this week that for thse second consecutive year, our medical insurance plans are going up significantly in price. Last year it was more money coming out of my paycheck every week and a 50% increase in my doctor visit copays. This year, I'll again be spending more money out of my paycheck, but I haven't heard about copays yet.

The most appalling change, however, is that I no longer have a $5 copay on prescription medications, but rather will pay a percentage of the cost of the medicine. We were told that it'd hoped this will encourage us to use the bulk prescriptions by mail service that's available to us and "more closely examine what prescriptions we have and evaluate which ones we really need." (paraphrased). This sickens me. I feel very lucky that I'm single and have no "constant" medications I'm on. How does someone "choose" whcih prescriptions they need when their doctor is telling them they need all of them?

This whole plan will only serve to push people into not seeking medical attention until it's far too late, and dropping prescriptions will only increase the chances of them needing attention.

I can only hope that the company acquiring us has a better plan and rolls us into it very quickly after the buyout is complete.


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