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Friday, March 24, 2006

And reading documentation too

I read some more of the Python tutorial today (mentioned yesterday). The language is really fascinating. I know now why Mike liked it - it's got a bit of a Scheme vibe to it with all the list manipulation.

I'd like to get a book or two on it, but if I want to get them without waiting I'll have to pay full list price at a local bookstore. I could buy from Amazon and wait a week,'s a whole week! And still spending money on something that's single-use. Since the documentation is all online in a variety of formats, I've been thinking about getting back into the world of PDA owners - simply as an "e-book reader" device. More expensive than a book, sure, but I can load books onto it till the cows come home and it doesn't cost me any extra - it'll pay off pretty quickly.


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