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Saturday, August 16, 2003

One hell of a week

This week started with the MSBlaster worm. My personal systems were safe (thanks Linksys!) but the laptop I borrowed from work Monday got hit. I had VPN'd in about 8:15 to do some work and (as I later found out), it had been infected by 8:30. Finally managed to get it clean (I think) but it's still spewing packets for some reason.

The following day, I had consultants in-house and asked them not to plug their laptops in as I wasn't sure the network was entirely clean yet (plus I didn't know if they were safe, but I didn't say that part out loud). As they were packing up, one of them got infected. I got to watch the whole thing as it happened. He was VPN'd into his home office at the time, I'm pretty sure he didn't catch it from us.

Thursday, the lights went out. But you knew that. I was without power for 4 hours and RoadRunner was down for an additional 2. The rolling blackouts never hit, luckily.


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