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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Site update

Ripped shamelessly from my home page.

I've made some small tweaks. I'm rolling back a little to HTML 4.01. Some pages are still XHTML but I've been migrating back to HTML 4.01. Just not enough browsers do XHTML properly for me to push the envelope.

Users of browsers which support stylesheet switching will notice that I have an alternative stylesheet called "Curved." Give it a spin. I'm not done with it just yet but it's coming along nicely.

These pages work best with a reasonably standards-compilant browser. This is also a testbed for ideas I have around some more "cutting-edge" ideas. I recommend using Mozilla or one of its derivatives for all your browsing needs. Text-only browsers such as lynx will also do well, as everything is laid out logically. That is, there are no formatting/layout instructions in my HTML, that's all encased in the CSS files.


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