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Thursday, January 12, 2006

House Day 3 - Progress!

Major progress tonight with a little help from a friend.

  • Family room cabinets about 2/3 demolished. We've got a lot of drywall patching to do.
  • Washer moved (temporarily) to the dining room
  • Kitchen walls mostly primered. We're painting over black, so some tinted primer should help the color out some.
  • Checked out the plumbing & wiring some more in the basement. Whoever did the infrastructure of this house was either a genius or a complete nut.
  • Most of the current cabinet debris moved to the porch and neatly stacked - just to get it out of the way
Friday (Day 4) will be a full day of work at the house for me.

  • Sears is coming to fix the TV (hopefully for good) sometime between 8 and 5 (worse than UPS!)
  • The heating & plumbing guy is coming at 1 to give an estimate on relocating the washer/dryer hookups
  • Cabinet demolition should get wrapped up
  • I'll open up the cabinet under the TV in the master bedroom (it's painted shut)
  • The locksmith is re-keying all our doors at 10
  • I'll hopefully make some calls to arrange for trash removal, a dumpster (demolition debris) and make sure we got the water & sewer correctly billing to us.
  • I'd like to map out the plumbing & wiring in the basement

And maybe, just maybe I can find a charitable neighbor w/ an open Wi-Fi spot.

I promise, pictures are coming soon. I'd have had them tonight but it appears I left the camera at the house.

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