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Monday, May 15, 2006

We live in a zoo

Here's the animal tally so far:

  • Squirrels in the attic
  • Birds in the master bath wall
  • Something (we think a woodchuck) under the toolshed
  • A few carpenter bees
  • Woodpecker going after said carpenter bees.
  • The occasional mouse
  • Our 2 cats

We think the squirrels were out tonight and may have gotten stuck. A small one attacked the kitchen window and was hanging off it for a couple minutes. He was trying desperately to get back on the roof to go "home" but couldn't get up there. His mother was trying to help. We have no idea where they ended up.

We found evidence of something under the shed last night when we got home from a weekend away. Today, my wife called to tell me that there was a woodchuck right outside the bedroom door, staring in at her, and one of the cats was right there staring back.

The carpenter bees I think I may have knocked out w/ some spray on Friday. There are probably a few lingering, but we'll get it taken care of.


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