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Sunday, April 09, 2006


We had to pick up quarter-round for the family room yesterday, so we picked up an extra 2 pieces to close up the gaps around the pantry. I didn't do the greatest job (my one corner isn't the cleanest joint), but for my first moulding job, in a room no one will really go into much, it's nice. Makes the room look about 1000% better too.

This project also gave us the push to clean up & organize the pantry. It's been a dumping ground since we moved in - anything we needed to get out of the way went in there. We lowered one of the shelves over the laundry equipment to get the detergent and such more in reach. This gave us room to put another shelf up there for other cleaning products. The main shelves got sorted and things relocated to more approriate places, and we were able to remove the lowest shelf altogether. Or, rather, relocate it - to below the front window of the pantry, so that our 4-legged friends have a place to sit and stare out the window. Plus, it helps to hide their water and food from view - as well as my crappy corner joint.

I'm going to borrow a brad nailer for the family room moulding. No way am I spending hours on my hands and knees nailing that stuff in there. My legs and back are killing me just from doing the pantry.


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