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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have a yard? We DO have a yard!

The weather cooperated with us last Sunday and we made some major progress in the yard. Pictures have been posted (link at left, Day 83).

I treated myself to a Black & Decker "Leafhog" blower/vacuum. We were getting nowhere fast with the rakes, and needed something that would be a little gentler on the plants. It supposedly has an "anti-clog vortex" or something to that effect. I managed to clog if about 5 times. I filled the bag about 8 times working through the front garden, the side area, and mostly in the back yard. I also managed to dig up a bunch more stones, and attempted to put a hurtin' on the termite hill I found a little bit up the hill.

While I was doing that, my wife and mother in law were working on cleaning up the gardens themselves with rakes and various other small tools. Found some very interesting things, but also a lot of bare earth. Sure, a lot of that will cover up as things grow and bloom, but we've got a lot of work ahead of us.


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