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Friday, March 31, 2006

A story fit for Hollywood

And it comes from Hollywood, sort of.

Apparently Kevin Smith, actor, writer, producer, director, and mastermind of Clerks, Mallrats, etc. made some comments that were taken well out of context at a speaking engagement at UPenn recently. Comments about his friend and movie sidekick Jason Mewes. And as a result, he's now publishing a very thorough history of his relationship with Jason. It's filled with some truly horrifying details about Jason's past - his Heroin-addicted, HIV-positive, somewhat absentee mother, his not having any idea who his father is, his barely getting cast in Mallrats, his own Heroin addiction, and more.

Only the first 3 parts are up so far. It'll take a while to read, but it's well worth it, especially if you're a fan of their work.


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