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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now we're cooking with gas!

Once spring hit, we picked up a small tabletop gas grill to take care of our outdoor cooking needs. I love to work on the grill, and although charcoal is best, it's more time consuming and offers less direct control. So gas it was. I would have preferred a full-size grill, but with nowhere good to put it, and money being a little tight as we're still landscaping, we opted for the smaller and cheaper option.

For a while, we were using the 14 oz cylinders that hook right up to the grill. Trouble is, this is very wasteful, and gets expensive in a hurry - the cheapest we found the cylinders was $3.75 for a pair at Wal-Mart. And you always run out in the middle of a meal.

So, this weekend, I found the 4' adapter hose to let me hook the grill up to a regular tank. $17 at Lowe's. Then over to Wal-Mart to pick up a Blue Rhino 20 lb tank for $42 (I had no old tank to exchange. Exchanges are about $15). So now, for under $60, I'm set with gas for over a year, instead of spending the money for one cylinder a week and having to dispose of them. And I won't run out mid-meal!

Plus, I won't have to buy a tank when we do get that big grill later.


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