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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Word vs. OO.o, part 2

The gap between OO.o and Word 2003 widened today. My document is now up to 27 pages, and over 750KB in Word 2003 format. OO.o - still under 60KB. And Word keeps getting slower and slower as it flashes "analyzing the document" on the status bar every few minutes.

I'm trying to use Word properly - styles for everything, lots of structure to the document, etc. But the document map keeps dropping elements, performance is going to hell, and the file is getting really bloated. I keep fighting the app as it constantly reformats and guesses at the formatting it thinks I should have. I'm spending 20% of my time undoing what it's doing!

I've been fighting with MS Project 2003 as well. And PowerPoint was fun a couple weeks ago. Visio is the only MS Office app I've used in the last 2 weeks that hasn't given me lip. I am quickly becoming MS Office's bitch. And I can't fight back and replace it altogether.


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