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Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh sweet irony!

Sometime this week, the town came along and picked up the huge pile of tree debris we had put out on the curb (that post, started 8 days ago, has yet to be finished. Soon, I hope). They did this so that they could pull up the nasty, fine gravel they had laid down between the sidewalk & curb, and on the edge of the curb (overlaying our grass) last fall after finishing the sidewalk. In its place, they put down some actual soil. We waited a couple days to see what they'd do, but nothing changed. Just dirt. So, Saturday morning, I got out the grass seed and reseeded everything on our side of the sidewalk.

15 minutes later, I heard a couple loud engines coming down the street slowly. One was a Ford F250 Diesel. The second was the hydroseeding trailer that it was pulling. They took care of both the lawn side and the strip by the curb. And they did a darn fine job, taking extreme care to not let any overspray get into our flower gardens by the sidewalk.

If only I'd waited another 15 minutes.


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