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Monday, May 07, 2007

Well that was fast!

Talk about a whirlwind.

We had our chosen roofing contractor come out to the house last weekend to give us a quote on replacing our roof with a full tear-off, new vents and 30-year architectural shingles. We added into the deal vinyl soffits all the way around and wrapping all the exposed word (eaves & fascia boards) in aluminum sheet to protect against carpenter bees. Plus close up the exposure in the back bathroom corner.

I faxed the approved quote/contract to the contractor on Friday afternoon. Today, my wife called me when she arrived home and said "why are there people on our roof?" I had been expecting the contractor to call us, set up a date for the crew to come out, etc. They sent them right out today and 11 1/2 hours after they arrived, everything was finished.

I saw a squirrel on the roof looking very confused. His home is now gone - he can't get into the roof like he could with the old vents.

The only "gotcha" is with payment. Like I said, I was expecting them to call ahead to set up a date for the work. So the money for the job was in a different bank from my checking account, so that I could collect better interest on it. I had to ask them to hold cashing the check for a few days while the transfer completes. I feel kind of bad that I had to do that, but if I'd had some warning, it wouldn't have happened.


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