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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Out of hibernation

It's been a long time sine I've updated. I've just been lazy. Not much to report on as far as work on the house; no major indoor projects, and we've only started working outside the past couple weeks due to weather.

The lawn is looking amazing, if I may say so. Considering that we had nothing but bare dirt 2 years ago, it's looking damn good. We have some weed issues, but nothing major. The ground is uneven in places, just need some topsoil to fill those dips.

This is only our third Spring in the house and already we're changing landscaping decisions we made ourselves. We've removed the two "corner" gardens by the sidewalk, and merged the areas around the front rosebushes (which, BTW, are already covered in flower buds) and hydrangea tree. The irises which were on those corners now fill this area. This morning my wife finished that off by putting in some scallop-top brick edgers. Somehow this all makes the front yard look larger. It's a welcome update, and will make maintenance and mowing much easier. The sod we took up was used to fill in some of the areas that are no longer gardens.

She also moved some phlox from the top of the driveway down to alongside the front sidewalk. It'll fill in and color that area nicely.

While she was working on that, I spent some time freshening up the mulch and doing some trimming of our Japanese Maple. The tree is getting big and blocking the view of the other plants near it. I also brushed some more sand over the sidewalk to keep filling in between the pavers.

Pictures hopefully later this evening after the sun moves to a better location.


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