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Monday, September 03, 2007

Major yard work

A break in the weather today and someone to help take care of the little one and we were able to make some huge progress in the backyard. We managed to:

  • Clear out the area on the side of the shed, put in edging, and transplant a few hostas and other plants. Then the requisite mulch. There was a large cluster of peonies in that space, but we just dug them up and threw them out. We also made this area smaller than originally planned. It works better though.

  • We cleared more area for grass in the main part of the backyard. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of this. We're now clear about 2/3 of the way across, in a straight line even with the back of our neighbor's garage. I also found some high spots to take down and use as fill for some holes. Lime, grass seed & fertilizer applied.
  • The area behind the bedroom (actually outside the closet wall) was a total mess, very overgrown with grass and a few plants we couldn't identify.Cleared all that out, put some more edging down to get some good definition of the flowerbed, and transplanted several "elephant ear" hostas from the area by the fence against the house wall. We laid out the last bag of mulch that we had, but came up well short.

Overall, a tremendously productive day. We may even find ourselves getting more done in the backyard for the year than we'd anticipated. That'd be a first for any of our projects!


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