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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Something you don't see every day

I took an alternate route home tonight as I wanted to stop at a grocery store we don't normally visit to pick up some fish for dinner. This particular store is located in one of the ritzier suburbs, so there tends to be a higher concentration of high-dollar cars on the streets there.

As I was cruising down the road, I played leapfrog with a VW Phaeton, with the W12 engine. I'm certain I've seen this exact car in the area before, because fewer than 3000 were ever sold in the US according to that Wikipedia article. A very rare find, especially with the W12.

While I was dancing with the Phaeton, I passed a gas station. Waiting patiently to exit the station and merge into traffic was an Acura NSX. Yet another rare find! Not sure just how rare this specimen was, as I couldn't get a model year off it, nor determine what features it had. I wish I'd had my phone with me to snap a picture of each.


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