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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long weekend

This weekend was Memorial Day, which meant an extra day off from the paying job and an extra day to do the non-paying job - work on the yard. In reality, we only were able to work on it on Saturday, but much was accomplished.

  • I hauled the bags of yard junk collected over the past couple weekends (and a couple from last year) off to various places. 215 pounds to the trash place, all pulled over the past week. A few more bags to the town highway department, leftovers from last year, as well as some of the tree material we cut last weekend. And a bunch of broken bricks, found under the pond tub when I moved it.
  • My wife attempted to turn the pond tub into a sandbox. We (mostly she) dug a good-sized hole to plant it in, only to find the remants of a large tree stump & roots. So, she moved about 18 inches...and found the other side. It looks like someone tried to burn or grind the stump out, but only got partway through, and then buried the remains. So, she filled it all back in and spread grass seed.
  • While I was out lugging trash all over, I stopped at CountryMax and picked up 6 bags of mulch and a wheelbarrow so that we can return my brother in law's to him.
  • Some more rocks moved, some plants relocated.
  • Lots of watering

Tonight, I wanted to make at least a little progress, so I took my pitchfork out back and filled 2 more 39-gallon trash bags with weeds in about 30 minutes. In the process I discovered more rocks (what a shock) and more hostas (what a coincidence!). I failed at removing a Staghorn Sumac that's starting to grow - I need to get that thing out before it spreads.


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