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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Day 4

Our (my) first full day of working in daylight. I took the day off as we had a number of people coming over to do things, and accomplished quite a bit of demolition in the process. Found a lot more surprises as I took down the cabinets and punched a few more holes in the drywall.

Other items of note:

  • All doors have been re-keyed thanks to Reggie at Curtis Locksmithing
  • Sears was out to fix the TV, but the part they had shipped to the house was nowhere to be found. So, it's been re-ordered and they'll be back on the 24th. Good news: they did transfer the warranty to our name
  • Plumber was over to check things out for his estimate on relocating the laundry. Also found that the sink drain has a negative grade - it drops straight down to the basement, then goes horizontal, but the end of the horizontal that's away from the vertical drain is 2" higher - so he'll have to redo part of that too.

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