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Sunday, January 29, 2006

That darn cat!

Earlier this week, we suspected that Juniper had found his way into the hole in the south wall of the family room even though we had it blocked off (mostly). Saturday, in the midst of all our work, we started thinking Jade was missing. We scoured the house for a couple hours, looked outside, but couldn't find any trace of her. Occasionally, I thought I heard her in the family room.

Finally, late in the afternoon, we both heard it again. I took a brighter light than my Mag-Lite downstairs and saw 2 gold eyes staring back at me from the far reaches of the crawlspace! Jade had found her way down there but was petrified to move.

After checking the situation out, I was ready to go into the crawlspace to retrieve her, but my wife decided it would be better if she went in, as I could pull her out of the space but she couldn't do likewise for me.

So in she went. And spent a good 15 minutes trying to coax Jade out. She finally started creeping toward her after some food was brought in. She tried scruffing her first, but Jade wriggled free and moved away. The second time she was close enough, my wife grabbed a leg, then another, and just pulled her out. Not the easiest, or most comfortable, but you do what you gotta do.

The hole has now been covered up with a block of Styrofoam and about 100 pounds of dead weight in front of that. But Jade keeps sniffing around at the area. She better not find her way in there again.


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