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Sunday, January 22, 2006

More demolition?

We hadn't even fully moved everything in and people started taking a hammer to the walls! Once most of the stuff was brought in, a few people started taking a look at the south wall of the family room to check out the drywall situation. Lots of covered-up water damage. Then, someone got the idea in his head that since we were going to drywall over it all anyway, why not take some down and see what's in there.

So, some cutting, some Sawzall action and more, and we're in. What was found:

  • The drywall? In really rough shape.
  • The stovepipe protruding? Just a very small piece. Rusted, fell right out
  • Inside the stovepipe? Adobe. And I don't mean the company that makes Photoshop.
  • Behind the drwayll? Brick. No surprise, we know the chimney's there
  • Behind the rest of the wall? Studs. Then 5 layers of wallpaper. Then a skimcoat of plaster. Over the original brick, which is in great shape!

New plan: we take the south wall down to brick, clean it up, put a sealer on, and we now have a brick south wall for the family room. A little more work than we had planned, but we can take some of the drywall back now and exchange it for brick sealer and some mortar.

Now, where's that dumpster?


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