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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Day 6

I didn't accomplish quite as much as I'd hoped today.

  • She got coats 2 & 3 of paint on the kitchen walls. Consider it done.
  • More trim stripping & scraping.
  • I pulled up the last of the carpet in the old kitchen after moving the dryer a couple feet.
  • Removed the dryer vent. And discovered that the louvered vent cover was pretty well broken, giving us a nice 4" diameter hole in the wall right at ground level. Not good. 2 styrofoam plugs, some expanding foam-in-a-can and some fiberglass batting and we're sealed up tight.
  • The basement window by the stairs is basically nonexistent. Some more styrofoam, more fiberglass, and a roll of Duck Tape and things are sealed a little better.
  • I continued to struggle last night with the cold water supply line and getting it capped in the old kitchen. Can't sweat pipes with water in them, and no way could I drain the whole house. So today, I went the "easy" route and JB Kwik'ed the hell out of the cap-pipe joint and we're watertight again.
  • Started on tile layout. We're measuring, cutting & trimming everything before we get to the walls. Slow going.
  • Started sanding the walls in the old kitchen to prep for whatever the next step ends up being. I think we're going to end up patching the drywall instead of attempting to hang 2 full sheets from scratch.
  • Slipped 6 feet of pipe insulation onto the hot water supply for the master bath. It's along run through a crawlspace and every little bit helps to keep the water warm. For $0.97, it's a cheap upgrade. Why not more insualtion? Lowe's only had one piece in stock!

One tool we would be absolutely sunk without is our trusty Shop-Vac. My brother in law got this for us for Christmas this past year and it has been crucial to this project.

This morning, just as yesterday morning, started with a trip to Lowe's. At least today I managed to get out of there for under $100. We may be on course to spend money there every day for a month if we're not careful.

No pictures today, I didn't take the camera with me.

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