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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Day 5 - Success! And Failure!

Saturday saw a lazy start for me - I could barely move until 8 AM after putting in a full day Friday. My wife was at the house bright and early, as the seller was coming back to reclaim more of her stuff she'd left behind. I arrived on the scene about 10:30, then left at 11:30 for yet another Lowe's run to pick up kitchen paint.

We're painting the kitchen Stunning Sapphire Satin from Olympic. It matches very well with the tiles we'll be putting behind the kitchen.

Also while at Lowe's, I put in the order for our stove. I can't find it online though. Frigidaire, gas range with a convection oven and electronic oven controls.

Family room demolition is complete! We got the last of the cabinetry out finally and cleaned up the floor. All that's left now is to fix the plumbing - my cap for the cold water supply isn't sealing properly, and that line has no shutoff, so I had to cut water to the whole house. We're seriously contemplating doing some fresh drywall in the room - we put lots of holes in while doing demo and portions are just not confidence-inspiring. That could be a major undertaking though. On the up side, we could put some insulation into the walls to help the heating bills some.

Utterly exhausted, and I've still got another day left in this weekend. But progress is being made! The kitchen is coming along nicely, we really just need to get the trim stripped. The door between the kitchen and the old kitchen/new family room came out today, but not without a fight. It really opens the kitchen up and it was pretty useless to us. The trim is pretty well wrecked though. I had to drill the hinge screws out and even then it took a lot of pry bar work to break it all loose.

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