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Monday, January 16, 2006

House Day 7

Due to my feeling a bit under the weather at work, I did nothing today aside from inspect the plumbing downstairs some more and take measurements of the family room. We're now looking at putting up drywall over the existing drywall. Much less mess, and it'll reinforce what's there better than just patching the 2 dozen holes we have to patch. I figure 5 sheets of 1/4" 4x12 will cover it.

She scraped more trim in the kitchen today (the wood we've exposed so far looks good, the oil-based paint just isn't coming off easily) and took a bunch of tiles to Lowe's to get cut. She also picked up a tile-marking pen and new tile nippers as the ones we have on loan are severely dull, making trimming very labor-intensive and imprecise.


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