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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wall progress

We have torn down the drywall on the west wall of the family room from the window all the way to the south end. The studs are only 2x3, so we could only put in 2" Styrofoam insulation instead of the preferred fiberglass batts, and shot some Great Stuff around it to fill some gaps (for some reason, it didn't expand as much as I'd hoped it would). It's not a perfect insulation, but it's much better than what we had previously - dead air, old wallpaper, and plaster (same construction as the south wall).

While we had the wall open, we decided to remove the outlets 7 feet up and the GFCI & switch at chest level, replacing them with a 2-socket outlet and a 4-socket outlet at the appropriate height, the 2-outlet one by the window and the larger at the south end of the wall.

We have hung 2 slabs of drywall, one at the south end of the wall and one by the window. Unfortunately, we now need to trim the latter so that the joint is on the stud. Once that's done, one more piece of drywall 32" wide and we're ready to mud & tape.


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