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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This winter has been worse than most for me this year on the "feeling dried out" front. The cold, dry weather takes its toll on everyone - dry, itchy skin, dry eyes, nosebleeds, etc. Between the dry, hot air blasting from the dash vents in the car and the lack of humidity, it gets rough. Making things even worse for me this year are all the work I'm doing in the house and the constant washing of hands, and the fireplace that heats the bedroom. I've felt like I've been on the verge of a nosebleed for the past week straight. It's a dry heat - a very dry heat. We have a humidifier, but it's really not enough for a room this size with that fireplace going. I'd love to put a humidifier right in the HVAC system but the money's not there right now, and I'm not sure how much it would really do for us.

Maybe just a big bucket of water on the mantle over the fireplace for the hot air to pick moisture out of as it rises would help? Probably not.


  • *must* buy a humidifier for your bedroom. I have the same problem here, and a humidifier is the only answer....keep it in the room you sleep in, and keep the door to the room mostly shut all the time, to keep the moisture in. It's imperitive for your well-being, honest. If only for the lack of nosebleeds, it's priceless.


    By Anonymous neen, at 2/21/2006 8:44 PM  

  • We have a humidifier and run it all night every night. I just don't think it's cranking enough water into the air.

    By Blogger dakboy, at 2/21/2006 8:45 PM  

  • It's leaking out into the rest of the house maybe....shut the door?

    Just a thought

    By Anonymous neen, at 2/21/2006 8:56 PM  

  • Can't close the door, the cats need to be able to move through the house.

    By Blogger dakboy, at 2/21/2006 8:57 PM  

  • not sure how it relates to a gas fireplace, but a pot that keith and I keep full of water on top of the woodstove here made a ton of difference.

    By Anonymous MikeM, at 2/21/2006 9:39 PM  

  • The direct heat on the pot I'm sure helps more than just setting one near our fireplace, but that's encouraging, Mike. I just need to find a way to keep the cats away from it.

    By Blogger dakboy, at 2/21/2006 10:17 PM  

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