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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

But they don't work for me

Frustration follows.

My primary function at work is to manage changes to the application I'm responsible for. Due to Sarbanes-Oxley constraints, I'm not allowed to touch data (can't even run read-only queries), I need special permission to make trivial code changes, etc. I write specs, I write test plans, and I sign papers.

So, obviously, I'm dependent upon others. I have a non-developer (helpdesk tech) deploying new version into the various environments. I have a non-technical person (but they know the business inside and out) doing the testing and reviewing. I have a contractor offsite doing the development. They're my eyes, ears & hands as things get worked on. I rely on them to make things happen.

But they don't work for me. I have no one that reports directly to me. Well, the contractor does, kind of, I guess.

So I'm at the mercy of the priorities of everyone else. Things can't get deployed because helpdesk is shorthanded. Things can't get tested because my tester has things due on a very specific schedule. I'm responsible for things getting completed, but I can't do anything personally to make them happen.

Frustration will continue, I'm sure.


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