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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Super weekend

Had an interesting automotive experience this weekend. Saw two "supercars" in 2 days, without going to any extreme lengths.

Saturday, I was out driving w/ my brother, and he exclaimed "look a couple cars ahead! Is that a..." It was hard to see, as the car was so low-slung and there were about 3 vehicles between us. A few good bends in the road, and we were able to confirm it. We were sharing the road with...a Ford GT. We managed to shuffle through traffic to get right behind the car, and followed for several miles (not stalking; we were actually going in the same direction). We eventually had to pull up alongside, and looking at the occupants, it appeared that this was a mid-life crisis car, and a mid-life crisis female companion in his passenger seat as well.

Then Sunday, we were driving home and taking the senic route unintentionally, and crossed paths with a late-model Dodge Viper.


  • Since moving to Scottsdale AZ last year, I've seen 7 ferraris, 5 lamborghinis, 5 or so porsches, a couple lotuses, a GT, a Cobra, several bentleys, and a few others I'm probabyl not thinking of. And thats not counting driving by the dealerships for all of those brands.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/10/2006 2:42 AM  

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