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Saturday, September 02, 2006


That's supposed to be "compact flourescent" up there.

A while ago, we decided we wanted to try to minimize the electrical load of our lighting. Rather than throw out perfectly good bulbs, however, we're doing it gradually - as bulbs burn out, they'llbe replaced with compact flourescent bulbs.

The house came with CF in a couple kitchen fixtures, but last week the 100W bulb in the master bath finally popped. I replaced it with a 13W CF bulb and it's quite a difference. Not as bright (expected), a bit of a lag after flipping the switch (expected), and a bit of a purple cast (unexpected). The kitchen bulbs are in blue glass "shades", so any purple cast isn't noticable. I find myself using the second light in the bathroom, also a CF, but this one a ring type instead of a more conventional socket a lot more than I used to. But I know that combined, these 2 CF bulbs are drawing less than half the juice the old 100W bulb did.

As winter approaches, we'll start using more lights more often, so we'll have more opportunity to replace them and see how the whole house looks being lit this way.


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