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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Got a few things done today

Kind of a slow day today, had a family breakfast this morning then I came home and did a few things around the house.

  • Took one of the cats to the vet
  • Got a new set of sneakers for the car. Old tires (Falken ZE-512) were shot after 22,000 miles and one year. They come with a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty, but since I didn't get an alignment when I bought them, it didn't apply. Replaced with Goodyear Assurance TripleTreds and got an alignment while I was there. Many dollars later, I should have solid tires and handling for 50 or 60 thousand miles.
  • Installed a pair of smoke detectors
  • Removed the box spring from the bed, as my wife was starting to have trouble getting onto the tall bed now that she's over 8 months pregnant.
  • Sorted a large and aging pile of mail.
  • Scooped the litterbox
  • Hung an old coat rack in the closet for diaper bags


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