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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Are popups gone?

MPT takes a glance at one of the interesting things that has come out of the recent Longhorn screenshot releases. Longhorn's web browser (I'll refrain from calling it IE as there's no indication what it will be labeled upon release) has a built-in pop-up blocker. Welcome to Y2K, Microsoft.

Many people are asking now "does this mean popups are gone forever?" I certainly hope not. While the functionality that allows a web page to bring up a new window is definitely abused, there are legitimate purposes for pop-ups. Luckily LWB appears to have a whitelist much like the current browsers that block pop-ups. I assume that this can be pre-configured and locked down when configuring desktops for a corporate rollout, allowing internal web-based applications to keep using pop-ups and similar functionality.

The other big deal in Longhornland is XAML, but I haven't read enough about it or XUL to be able to say anything yet


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