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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Enough with the commercials already

My first non-house post in...well, a long time.

I've been a Howard Stern fan for several years now - been listening for close to 10 years now I guess. When he was still on FM radio, he tried really hard to promote Sirius Satellite Radio every day on his show after signing his deal with Sirius, to the point where Viacom and Infinity Broadcasting had to give him a talking to.

I ponied up $325 to set my car up with the Sirius gear. I shelled out for a full-year subscription. And what do I hear almost every morning? Howard going on and on about how great Sirius is. Dude, get over it! We're sold already if we're listening to you! You don't have to promote it anymore! Get on with the freakshow already! Get on with the interviews, guests, crank calls and bits that we thought we'd get once the shackles of censorship were released.

On a similar note, I've been listening to Bubba the Love Sponge on Howard 101 in the evenings, and I can't understand how Howard was taking flak from the FCC while Bubba was around. Bubba is what everyone thinks Howard is. It's beyond rude, crude, and twisted. I can only take small doses. How he was ever on terrestrial radio, I have no idea.


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