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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Overdue for an update

I've been lax so far in February.

The plumber was out on Friday to relocate the gas, water and drain for the laundry. Actually, it was four of them. And it sounds like the boss didn't tell them that someone had to get into the crawlspace ahead of time. Oh well. Everything's hooked up except for the gas, I need new fittings for the dryer before we can do that. They ended up having to run the washer drain almost all the way across the house, they couldn't regrade the drain for the kitchen sink.

Saturday, we ran some electrical for the washer & dryer. Rather than try to fish the line, I picked up some wall-mount junction boxes and conduit. It looks nice, better than I had anticipated. I'll be using more of this upstairs for my server "closet" above the bathroom.

At some point, we decided to take down the piece of drywall we had mounted on the wall near the window in the family room, as we had put a large hole in it that I didn't want to patch. We hung one full slab next to the south one we had done previously, and then cut a narrow one for the final gap. I attempted to countersink the last of the screws sticking up, and we proceeded to mud & tape. For our first drywall job, I think it looks pretty good. Just need to sand, mud again, sand and then we're ready for paint. We're going with a guacamole color for the walls, it'll go nicely with the red brick.

And speaking of brick, the plaster has been expunged from that wall, about 99% of the way! Just some final cleanup and we're all set. Then some mortar to fill in gaps, a new brick or two to fill in holes, and we're ready for some masonry sealer, just to keep things together and clean.

The photo gallery (link at right) has been updated with the latest progress.


  • I love the blue wall color in the kitchen, That's just gorgeous. I also am envious of your ability to keep magnets on the refrigerator with cats in the house. My 2 used to *live* to knock 'em off and carry 'em around in their mouths. :)

    What's the hole in the bricks at the top of the wall? I can't tell in the photos. All in all, y'all are doing a terific job!


    By Anonymous Neenie, at 2/06/2006 7:29 AM  

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