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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A quick tour of the to-do list

Just taking a moment to touch on some of the more cryptic items on the to-do list.

  • Fence front porch - The front porch (off the kitchen) has no railing or anything even resembling one. This needs to get remedied, obviously. We're considering hanging a bench seat swing on the end as well.
  • Wire "server closet" - To get things out of the way, I'm going to run some conduit up the wall in the front guest bedroom to the area above the bathroom and stash my linux box, cablemodem and router there. This really will be the completion of my idea of January 25th.
  • Reinforce floors - Say what? Yeah, I wrote "reinforce floors". There's a few areas where the floors aren't exactly weak, but they have some give to them. I'm thinking some 2x6 or 2x8 blocking between the joists in a few key spots will help tighten things up. Nothing major. We do, however, need to look at an extra support post or two for one of the main load-bearing timbers that runs under the dining room and living room.
  • Fill various "little" gaps - Especially at the north end of the house, there are some areas where settling has caused the floor to pull away from the edge of the house, exposing a small gap that leads into the basement or crawlspace as the case may be. Nothing serious, but I do want to get these caps filled/covered.
  • Overhaul master bedroom closet - It's just a mess right now. It needs to be cleaned up, painted, and a proper closet organization system put in. I'd love to turn the door into a pocket door or even a folding door to save some space. Right now the door swings inward, making the space behind it difficult to utilize.


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