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Monday, May 22, 2006

Under Construction

We got a notice of a town meeting last week to review/discuss the reconstruction of our street, so I decided to attend and see what all the hubbub was about. It'll be nice. They won't be changing the width of the road, but they are ripping the whole thing up, replacing the water mains right up to the branches going into each house, putting in granite curbs, and widening the sidewalk in places.

This also means that we'll get a new driveway "apron" (between the sidewalk and street). Since ours right now is more dirt than tarmac, that's a win. The curb work will mean that the strip between the road and sidewalk will be rehabbed - right now it's, again, dirt and rock. And, the curb should deter people from parking right in front of the house. Excellent!

Work will begin sometime in August. The final topcoat goes down in the spring. It'll be nice. And should cut the traffic down considerably for at least a month.


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