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Sunday, June 04, 2006

What we did last weekend

This post is long overdue - this week was a little hectic. Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend for those in the US), my family came out and helped us with a bit of yard work. Over the course of 3 days, we managed to get far more done than I ever imagined we could.

In the preceeding days, we had re-weeded the front yard by the driveway, put edging around the roses, lilies and tree, and mulched all those.

  • Pulled out all the raspberry bushes at the end of the driveway.
  • Finished pulling out the pachysandra
  • Pulled out some of the lilies that were near the pachysandra
  • Sectioned off part of the front yard under the living room windows for plants and mulch
  • Mulched
  • Planted grass seed and spread some lime
  • Built a stone channel below one gutter downspout
  • Relocated numerous plants
  • Gave away even more plants to other people.
  • Removed and discarded still more plants and weeds (noticing a theme?
  • Had a little party
  • Cleaned up quite a bit of the garden between the house and the driveway.
  • Planned out some of the flowerbed borders.
  • Edged all the new and existing flowerbeds we could.
  • Cut down a few small trees and removed the large burning bush from the back yard.

Total bill: I have no clue. Spent a lot on mulch, paid too much because we bought by the bag instead of just taking a pickup somewhere and getting a bed full. We did get a very nice pitchfork out of the deal - the local CountryMax had what felt like a pretty flimsy stamped-steel one for $30, then I found one with a cast head for $22. Easy decision! That device will last quite a while.

Pictures are in the gallery linked at right. We've got grass sprouting already and most of our transplanted plants have taken well to their new homes. Still plenty left to do, but we needed all the manpower to get that first big push completed.


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