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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Building a new wall

I ran outside tonight after dinner to attempt to get a little more done in the yard. Time is starting to run short in the evenings now with the days getting shorter. Instead of working on creating new grassy areas, I went to work on the "island" between the bedroom, shed and fence.

The island is pretty well set, as far as plants go. But, it lacks definition. It's just a mound of dirt with a lilac tree, some hostas, and a bleeding heart planted in it. We decided to put our giant pile of rocks to good use, and build a small stone wall around the island to give it some character and a well-defined border.

I managed to get about one third of the wall built before running out of daylight. I also was having trouble finding suitable rocks. I'm sure there are more in there, I just need to dig through and find them all. The pile is completely surrounded by plants now, so it's a little difficult.


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