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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cheap Rug

We bought an area rug last month for the family room, but were still on the lookout for something for the nursery, and maybe a few other pieces as well. Trouble is, "real" area rugs tend to be a little expensive.

Out and about yesterday, we decided on a whim to check out a flooring store. We were looking for a 5 to 6 foot diameter round rug, as we thought it would be unique, and make good use of the floor space without interfering with the furniture. They were short on round rugs, and they were quite expensive. Then the salesman took us over to the remnants section. He had a 6x9 rectangular navy blue remnant for only $79! Good deal. We got to talking, and decided that rather than waste the leftovers, we could make a smaller rug for our bedroom as well.

So, for under $150 (binding for the edges is $2/linear foot) we've got 2 carpets taken care of.

We'll definitely look at remnants for the next piece rug we need. There isn't as much selection in patterns (if any), but the pricing is hard to argue with.


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