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Monday, October 02, 2006

Water Works

What a mess. They're still working out the kinks with our new water main, it seems. They did the hookup last Thursday. Apparently something got flushed into the line between the water main and our meter, and the crew had to come in and disconnect us briefly to fix that. Then, as expected, the water in the house sputtered some as we flushed air bubbles out of the lines running to each. All weekend, we had cloudy water and the toilet made odd noises. I tried adjusting the fill mechanism, but with only limited success.

I came home tonight and the toilet sounded like it was going to explode upon flushing. Water was sputtering again. The upstairs shower ran orange with rust for a couple minutes while I cleared those lines out. Toilet filling either takes forever, or runs hard enough that it continuously uses the overflow tube.

If things don't clear up within the next day or so, we'll have to call the town to find out what's going on. This just ain't right. I may just replace the toilet fill mechanism anyway as I'm sure I've misadjusted it horribly and it's probably in rough shape as a result.

In other water news, I finally tracked down the source of the water on the bathroom floor by the shower. The silicone bead where the surround and the "tub" was leaking. I pulled up the old, dried it well, and laid down a new bead. Still needs a touch-up, but it's far, far better than it was before.


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