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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Close encounter of the rodent kind

Went up on the roof today to measure the old chimney so that I can buy something to put up there to keep rodents out. I caught a squirrel jumping in there a couple months ago - guess that explains the noises and other evidence we found in the family room ceiling.

So, there I was, taking my measurements, and trying to pry the stone cap that was put up there off the bricks giving it some airspace. Suddenly, something catches my eye - it was a squirrel coming up out of the chimney! I almost sealed it up with the critter still in there. Before I close things up for real, I'll have to take a mirror and a big light up there so I can see down the chimney to make sure everything is OK.

Long-term, the chimney has to come down completely, but that won't be until we have that portion of the roof redone.


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