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Saturday, September 09, 2006

And that was just one day!

We haven't had a "productive" day on the scale of today in quite a while.

We got up early today so that we could prepare the pantry for our impending washer & dryer delivery, believing that they'd arrive in the morning. Cleared lots of stuff off shelves so those could be removed. A good chunk of project-related materials were sent down to the basement. Relocated the cat stuff to the hallway. I disconnected everything and moved the dryer into the kitchen. Then the washer was moved away from its position but kept in the pantry.

I need to rewind a bit here. Early last week, we started noticing that the pantry floor felt wet & slippery near the washer & dryer. I thought it was because I'd spilled some fabric softener and didn't clean it up. Then, around Tuesday I guess, my wife noticed a lot of what looked like mold growing on the floor between the wall and the washer. At first we thought the cats had been spraying, but even after I cleaned it up, the mold came back a couple days later. It was starting to look like we might have a leaking washer.

Back to this morning. The washer moved, I picked up the carpet that we had placed underneath. It looked like it might have some mold on it too. Suspicious. Then I noticed the carpet felt damp. Then I felt water run down my fingers, and onto the floor. Jackpot. We had a leaking washer. Talk about dodging a bullet!

We mixed up a Clorox/water solution and cleaned the floor thoroughly. At this point, it's about 10 AM and we have no idea where our delivery is. I called the store and learned that it wouldn't be until mid to late afternoon. So, what else to do?

My wife had planned on painting the nursery ceiling today. Before she started on that, however, she decided that we needed some color in the master bedroom closet. So, the south wall of that is now a greyish sky blue, the same color used in the nursery. She also painted a few sticks of quarter-round for the trim in the nursery. Looking good.

Finally, around 2:30, our delivery arrived. They brought the units in, and started the washer hookup. They don't do gas hookups, but that's no problem as I've done it before. The washer hooked up easily, but they discovered that it lacked a drain hose. Kind of important. They left to make another delivery, and said they'd return with the parts in about an hour.

Since everything was still somewhat pulled apart, I took the opportunity to hook up the gas and vent for the dryer. Gas was cake, no leaks on the first try. The vent hose required extensive modifications before I could get it to fit right. Just a matter of the amount of space vs. the design of the tube. Eventually I got it. Shortly after that, the Lowe's guys returned and hooked up the drain tube for the washer, and we were in business.

A little tidying up, pantry reconstruction, and then we put the clothes back in the closet. Long day.


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