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Monday, October 02, 2006

Tired of trim

I laid down more 11/16" quarter-round trim yesterday. Covered the master bedroom closet with unpainted wood. The gaps around the edges of the floor were just hideous. This really tightened it up.

Then it was on to the nursery upstairs. We had pre-painted several sticks of the moulding to match the baseboards, and I started in with that. I got all but one side of the window, and half of one wall, completed with the material on hand. We still have one stick to paint and then we can hack that up and nail it down.

I figure I've cut and installed well over 100 feet of this stuff, all with a $20 Craftsman miterbox and handsaw. I'm getting tired of doing it that way. I should have just bought a real power miter saw. Maybe with my $50 gift card that I'm getting from Lowe's. It's that or an air compressor so I can use pneumatic tools.


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