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Thursday, November 06, 2003


It was, well...different. Rather confusing at the end, I think know what happened but needed help from my friend to work it out. Definitely more action-oriented than Reloaded and far lighter on the "deep" stuff.

The final fight scene was way over the top, "contrived" doesn't even begin to cover it. It really seemed like they just did crap for the sake of doing it. Some of the new characters I don't really understand why they were there. And what really confused the hell out of me was that Gloria Foster was not playing The Oracle. I know she died, but I thought I had heard that it was after all her scenes had been completed.

Some of the other action scenes were just mind-blowing. I know it's all computer graphics but even so, just the idea of it was amazing.

The guy whose mind got taken over by Smith (oops, spoiler if you've not seen Reloaded) did a decent job replicating his speech style (cadence, etc.) for the most part but needed a little more to be truly convincing. I also wish there had been more of the Merovingian.

Worth seeing to complete the trilogy, and I'm sure I'll get the box set when all 3 come out on DVD together, but think about catching a matinee instead of paying full-price for a weekend evening show.

Might have helped if I had gotten around to seeing The Animatrix.

Far too many repeated elements from the first 2 movies. You need some continuity but there was a lot of it IMO. Going all the way back to a setting very reminiscent of one of Neo's first Matrix experiences (the dojo) was an interesting touch.

In the final analysis, yes I did enjoy the movie. But it wasn't what I was expecting.

I think I was looking for answers tonight. But didn't get them all - not many of them, even. I think the answers were in Reloaded; they just got realized in Revolutions.


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