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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Non-house stuff?

Yes, I do plan on discussing non-house stuff here once time allows. I've finally started some development work at the new job, and I'm still working some kinks out. What am I using?

  • Apache Tomcat as an app server/servlet container for a JSP/servlet web app.
  • Subversion for version control.
  • Eclipse for an IDE. Refactoring rocks. Extract Method blew my mind yesterday morning, and all the automatic warnings about unused code are terrific. Gimme 3 days with this thing and I'll have the app screaming fast.
  • Subclipse for Eclipse/Subversion integration

And more. Right now I'm having fits getting Eclipse with the web tools (the name escapes me right now) to edit JavaScript files like real code, complete w/ refactoring support and all that goodness. And I'd kill to be able to actually step through a debugging session and deploy my app to my local server. And a dual-processor (or at least dual-core) box would be great, since compiling, and the initial JIT compile, with Java are total hogs.

And while we're at it, I want a pony.


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