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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Slow going

Haven't posted much lately because there hasn't been much to post. We did almost nothing last weekend. The grass in the front yard is growing nicely, but will need some major weed & feed to eliminate the weeds that have developed.

I did manage to start trimming the tree on the east side of the driveway, between the blacktop and our neighbor's house. I just took one limb off, but it made a huge difference. Soon, I'll remove the whole blasted tree.

With the tree and the area around it a little less cluttered, last night I turned my attention to the rosebush at the top end of the driveway. It was sagging and looking ragged, so I tied it up to the fence in a couple places. Once that was finished, I somewhat securely planted the trellis for the Clematis plant and tied that up to it. Unfortunately, the way the plant grew, all the leaves and flowers are pointing more or less at the house, but they'll turn around over time. I'm in no rush.


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