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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Patching things up

Now that we have all our wiring run (I hope) for the family room electrical, it was time to patch up the various holes this weekend. For the holes we put in the walls, some wire mesh and fiberglass tape was enough. But I had put a pretty sizeable hole in the ceiling where the fan is going to end up. Only one side of the whole has a joist to screw drywall into, so I picked up a Sheetrock repair kit. It includes some joint tape, some dry joint compound (requires water & mixing), a spreader, and 4 clips. The clips are perforated metal which attach to the existing drywall and your patch, with hooks on one side. Hook the clip onto the existing drywall, and screw through the drywall to secure. Then slide your patch panel in place, and again screw through the patch panel into the clip. Grab the hooks with pliers and snap off, and you've got a perfect patch.

So, right now all my joint compound is drying, I'll put another coat on tomorrow night and possibly one more to finish off, and we'll be in good shape to finish the room off once the electric is hooked up.


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