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Monday, July 29, 2002

Hell week is over!

My week of carrying two of my team's three on-call pagers is done. And it finished with a flourish: a midnight call on Friday, an early-morning call Saturday that took me till Noon to close up, on-site half of Sunday supporting a project, and then a 5:45 AM wake-up call for something they shouldn't be calling our pagers for in the first place.

And I get to do another round in 2 weeks or so, but with only one of the evil devices

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I enjoy a good movie

Flipping around the channels tonight I happened upon From Dusk Till Dawn running on WSBK. Tarrantino's movies are always fun to watch on broadcast TV, especially if you're familiar with the original. About half the dialogue is not in the original actors' voices because of the dubbing, and in the case of FDTD, there's plenty of visual editing as well the name of the bar, clothes put onto people, etc.). But I was pleased to see (hear?) that they didn't cut out this classic bit of dialogue:

    "What's your name?"
    "Kate. What's yours?"
    "Sex Machine. Nice to meet you, Kate."
    "You too."
Maybe someday we'll get our dubbing technology to where we won't be able to tell what's been dubbed and what's original - somehow synthesize the original voice. Sure would make watching the movies a lot easier.

It's never enough

I picked up a 128-disc CD wallet binder thing today. Figured the 208-disc capacity one was way too big, and I didn't think I had much more than 110 CDs.

Well, I was proved wrong. The blasted thing's full and I've got plenty to put in still. So, do I get a second one, or do I return this one and get the 208-disc model for another $5? I'm thinking exchange.


30 days to a more accessible weblog: But a lot of it really applies to web sites/design in general. Don't ignore it just because you don't have a blog

Browser news Mozilla 1.1 Beta Released Or, Why the Standards Are Goodness. On my site I strive to validate everything to the W3C's HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS specs, to get the right results everywhere. As I play around with the blog some more, I'll be doing the same here.


So I guess now I have an easier way to blog stuff I find. BLOGGER - How to create a BlogThis! bookmarklet

Fried beige computer

Got home Wednesday night and my computer was dead silent. Long story short, the motherboard is fried. The same transistor that toasted on the previous unit went on this one.

I'm 2 weeks past warranty, so I just bought a new one. It's cheap, it's light on the flash & features, but I needed something, and I wasn't about to risk using the same model as I've already burned twice

What I really don't get is that in 6 years, I had 3 PCs and only ever had 2 problems - a bad hard drive that was partly my fault, and a dust-clogged PSU burning out. And now, in the last year with this new PC, I've lost 2 motherboards.

My next computer I expect to be much better behaved.

Blogging from work

Another Sunday, another day at work. Just as support this time, instead of doing the heavy lifting. At least it's bad weather outside so I'm not missing out on much, and I've got a decent chair.

I was supposed to be out in Geneva helping M's brother move today, but between a bad back and needing to be here at the office instead of available by phone, it wasn't gonna happen.