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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Had a little accident

Thursday night I got into a little accident, rear-ended a '97 Grand Cherokee when he panic stopped and I couldn't do likewise fast enough. So far I've got a $5000 estimate from the insurance company on my truck. The damage hopefully stops at the bumper/grille (no frame damage) but we'll see. Enterprise set me up with a Saturn SL2 (free upgrade since they didn't have the Neon I reserved) and it's pretty weird. No tilt steering, terrible brake feel, but that little I4 loves to rev.

I want my truck back. The car is a complete stripper - no floor mats, not even a tape deck, just a radio.

DHTML headaches

I'm working on a new, simpler design for the blog that's purely XHTML and CSS based - no tables. It's a 2-column deal but I want to offer readers the ability to "flip" the columns left to right. It's just not happening. I'm so close but they overlap once I get to the "narrow column on the right" version (alternate from the default).

Was it meant to be?

The Love Calculator will tell you. I scored an 83%, not bad. A friend and his wife only scored a 69% (low, but heeeeey...:)). But start putting in some celebrities and you'll find some intriguing results. For example, Bill Gates & Scott McNealy score 89%. Who woulda thunk? A little more predictably, a relationship between Bill Gates and Larry Eillison scored a mere 19%. Enjoy!

Finally something I can use!

Phil Ackley lets the single men of the world (myself included) in on the secret of how to iron your clothes without an iron.

Who owns it?

Phil Wolff poses the question Who owns your resume? A lot of very good angles to approach it from. Might surprise you.

It's not the language, stupid

Krzystof Kowalczyk notes that in the latest ICFP Programming Contest, second place went to a project written in C - demonstrating the the programmer is what matters, not the language.

Rock on, Krzystof!

We keep seeing new languages come on the scene, with promises of "better this" and "better that" but at the end of the day, you can do anything in any language, including writing downright poor code. I've seen some really good work done in the much-maligned Visual Basic, and really horrific things come from the "saviour" Java.

New Bimmer

The BMW Z3 gets a reworking and a new name - the Z4. OK, so they aren't very creative in the name department over there at the Bavarian Motor Works but the hard goods are what count. Sexy lines, tighter structure, and plenty of power to launch this little rocket. Donations accepted.