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Monday, December 30, 2002

EZ-Pass not so EZ

Trying to check my EZ-Pass account tonight, it seems their server is a little overloaded:
EZ-Pass is broken
Sure hope someone's looking into that. I wonder when they last load-tested the site.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Use a stinkin' hat!

You know technology has taken over your life when...

I miss Magic: the Gathering

I used to play M:tG constantly in high school, and even some in college. I haven't had a chance in the last few years to play, and a lot has changed. New expansions and all that - I quit buying cards around 2000. We always played by the minimum 60-card rule, but here's an item on playing 30-card decks. I fondly remember the Goblin decks he mentions, but Falcons are new to me.

Organized? Almost

Spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning up and organizing the basement. I've been wanting to get my tools and related items moved out of my living area and now I've accomplished it. Still some work to do but it's fairly well put together now.

In the kitchen

Old El Paso soft tacos. Sue me.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Too many bookmarks!

And I only have 236 of them. How does one manage large numbers of bookmarks, and more importantly, keep tabs on when they're updated?

Buck the system

Notice anything...odd? A little CSS & JavaScript and you can make things just disappear. It's still getting downloaded, just not seen in browsers that can handle the script.

Merry belated Christmas!

Got held up by the big storm this week and had to burn an extra vacation day because I couldn't get back home in time to get to work on Thursday. Got quite a few items knocked off my wishlist and a little post-Christmas work to do at the mall with exchanges.

The lights are popping

In the 6 months I've lived in this apartment I've burned out or replaced more light bulbs than I did in the 3 years I was at my previous apartment. Sure, I have more bulbs to have to change, but even so, 7 bulbs in 6 months seems excessive

In the kitchen

Dinner tonight included Country Fried Steak. This one's a winner. Pretty quick & easy, season it however you like, and I get to play with one of my cast iron skillets. Be sure to get a nicec, lean cut of beef for it though.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Well, there it is

I've got my blog & my web page using the same format and it all looks clean. Ain't life grand?