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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Time to close up shop

Everything considered harmful. If everything is harmful, let's shut it all down :). Nothing at all wrong with this - everyone has a voice, everyone has an opinion, so eventually everything will be said. But that doesn't make it right, wrong or anything in between.

Some wierd stuff out there

Take predictable filenames, millions of digital camera pictures posted online, a random number generator, and Google Images, and what do you get? Random Personal Picture Finder (tm). Some things may not be work-safe. From xBlog

3 Great Designs

They're fairly similar actually, but thought I'd point out the blogs of 3 Mozilla folks. Simple, clean, elegant, stylish. They're using some of the Mozilla CSS extensions so they're fairly square in IE, but degrade quite nicely. CSS3 will incorporate rounded borders if I remember correctly.

Back in the 21st century

Well, I finally broke down and returned to the world of cellphone-carrying people. I had taken about 2 years off due to high bills (mostly caused by work) and the fact that everyone at work had the number - and thus treated me as an on-call resource when I was not. So, I went down to Verizon Wireless and signed onto the America's Choice plan. I also splurged and upgraded the phone to the LG VX3100.

As much as I'd resisted it, with all the driving I'm doing lately and wedding planning that I have to be available for at any moment, I just needed more connectivity.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

One hell of a week

This week started with the MSBlaster worm. My personal systems were safe (thanks Linksys!) but the laptop I borrowed from work Monday got hit. I had VPN'd in about 8:15 to do some work and (as I later found out), it had been infected by 8:30. Finally managed to get it clean (I think) but it's still spewing packets for some reason.

The following day, I had consultants in-house and asked them not to plug their laptops in as I wasn't sure the network was entirely clean yet (plus I didn't know if they were safe, but I didn't say that part out loud). As they were packing up, one of them got infected. I got to watch the whole thing as it happened. He was VPN'd into his home office at the time, I'm pretty sure he didn't catch it from us.

Thursday, the lights went out. But you knew that. I was without power for 4 hours and RoadRunner was down for an additional 2. The rolling blackouts never hit, luckily.